Stable, Accountable, Comprehensive Service
  • Your Manager is one of our company's Principals
  • The Company Principals regularly attend your meetings and inspect your property
  • All points of contact within our company are regularly updated on the status of your property
  • We use the latest technology to ensure immediate access to all your property's records
  • Your property will always have the same manager
  • We only maintain a small portfolio of properties to ensure that each of our clients receives the most time and attention provided in the industry
  • The company principal holds the A.C.M. designation.
  • We are proud members of the Canadian Condominium Institute and the Association of Condominium Managers of Alberta.
  • We are adept with critical thinking, insightful, analytical and mindful of the "big picture".
  • We are proud of our Ethics - we value integrity, respect confidentiality and have sensitivity to issues.
  • We are creative and intellectually flexible to generate unique ideas and solutions, we have courage for the unconventional and we are intuitive and innovative.
  • We are proficient in TeamWork: we have experience in working with multidisciplinary teams; we are skilled in employing empathy, respect and diplomacy; we are adept with non-defensive communication; we have the ability to identify the appropriate method for resolving different types of conflict; and we are accomplished in building cohesiveness and with facilitating consensus.
Experience & In-depth Knowledge
  • In addition to years of experience in condominium management in Calgary, we bring a background in both construction and commercial management.
  • Reserve Fund Planning & Administration
  • Legal requirements & maintenance regulations
  • Investments
  • Insurance Claims
  • Arrears control
  • Policy Development & Administration
  • Complete working knowledge of all relevant legislation
  • Monthly Financial Statements in a user-friendly format, usually before the 10th of each month
  • Maximum 24hr response to daily communications
  • Personal point of contact at all times for Board members
  • We assist the Board in preparing an Annual Planning Calendar for administrative and maintenance issues and assist in preparing the Board's Five-Year Plan for the Reserve Fund Study.
  • Adaptable to both a hands-on management style or to complete service requirements, we are happy to customize our contract to meet your needs.
  • We believe in full-disclosure with respect to our fees.
  • We are conscious of and respectful with personal information and are able to ensure the Board operates within the scope of relevant legislation.
  • We do not own, nor are we affiliated in any manner, with any other company that may be contracted for services by your property.
  • Your money is held in your own separate accounts - never "in trust" and never co-mingled with other properties.

We are the bold choice for experienced, result-driven management - maximizing the Board's efficiency and the property value potential for all owners.